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Kim Churchill: Komorebi

Think about the stories we never shared. 
Cracked lips and laugh lines. White sand and red earth. Hidden places, torn away in cycles of fire, only to be reborn in the next, verdant and hopeful.
Picture a place you’ve never seen.
The unquiet of a dusky ambience. The uneasiness of a fleeting being. The warm, cathartic sadness that comes with noticing.
Earnestly we meander through a barefoot adventure, across a landscape that defines remote, while never managing to feel like desolation.
There is a secret life in every microcosm. 

Listen for it.

80s inspired | Electro | Alt-Pop 

Elation, a peach lightning spark that bursts from the grime of being human.
Pervading your routine is a thousand interpretations of love, transforming the familiar into the transmundane. 

Outside a window, shadows of a dark city bounce between rain wet faces, dancing under a dusk that is vibrant and peaking. 

Another ant climbs a hill. An amoeba dreams the world alive. A face emerges from it’s shell on a day like any other to anyone else.

Listen for it.

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